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U.V. Laser Thermography
Ultra Violet (U.V.) Laser Thermography is the only process known in the printing industry to be 100% compatible when outputting your thermographed stationery in a laser printer, photocopier, or any other heat generating print source. In other words, raised letter stationery that will not re-melt in your laser printer. The process requires a special heat and light sensitive thermo powder which is first melted in a 1300 degree oven. Then it travels through a 300 watt per square inch ultra violet light, powered by 1800 volts (as bright as a welding arc but 14 inches long) spanning the width of a 25 foot conveyor. Hence it's name U.V. Laser. There is a small additional charge for this unique and dangerous process.
Traditional Thermography
Traditional Thermography is the process of raised letter printing. This is produced on the same thermography equipment using only a heat sensitive thermo powder traveling through the same 1300 degree oven. This process does not require the intense U.V. light or the expensive dual sensitive thermo powder and is intended for announcements, business cards, stationery for use in ink-jet printers, typewriters or any non heat producing printer.
Digital Color Printing
If you need it fast, we offer high end Xerox digital printing. Our new equipment is capable of printing a 13 inch by 19 inch press sheet on both sides with a true 1200 X 1200 DPI 4 color digital quality output. We recommend this type of printing for shorter runs.

Offset Printing
Offset Printing is the process most commonly used for flat stationery, business cards, carbonless forms, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, magazines, 4 color process, books, articles, and just about anything else you could imagine on paper.


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